Holey Surface

A Face or a Factory is a family, a corporation and a laboratory of faces, masks and new identities. By creating new identities, based on DNA material and a 3D scan of each individual donor, who is in return offered a seat in the company and a share of its assets, the project aims to modulate different heteronyms, their biographies, professions and precisely defined functions within contemporary corporative capitalism. During the process it gradually develops a face as a complex territory of genetic, juridical, cosmetic, political and military power relations.

Through the enforcement of radical biopolitical elitism, a strict selection of genetic sequences and phenotypes will start forming a biological and informational body-archive of the corporation. The number of different faces and functions will gradually increase and become a part of numerous different registers of contemporary life, adding ever new layers to the model of faciality as we understand it – as a territory, a battleground, a system, a machine.

Holey Surface is an entry point into a long-lasting artistic research. The modular installation, designed specifically to consume the viewer, who, by signing a consent, agrees to become a part of the project and, potentially, the corporation itself, serves as a collecting and archival sculpture of DNA samples and scans. It thus represents a birthing machine for faciality and mass information which will be selected and formed into a face of the first heteronym.