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DNA archive, a family,
a corporation.

holey surface

9th september 2020, 20:00
Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ars Electronica

Synthetic skin, betrayed by the drone.
A surface is permeable. A surface is holey.
A surface is leaky, however.

Insert your face into the Holey Surface – modular data collecting and archiving machine.


Archiving, creating, trading. Connecting.

A Face or a Factory is a family, a corporation and
a laboratory of faces, masks and new identities.

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Usually a state archive, containing biological data such as fingerprints, photograph of a face, lens scan etc. of each citizen. There are reported numerous security breaches pertaining these archives and trading biological data on the black market. An archive is both a place of saving crucial information and categorizing them in particular order as well as an active mechanism of economic investment and excersising political control.